Are Electric Scooters Good For Commuting To Work?

Updated on December 30, 2020
Are Electric Scooters Good For Commuting To Work

With car travel becoming a tedious chore for many commuters. Public buses and trains increasingly becoming crowded. People have turned to other forms of transport. Imagine not having to be crammed onto a commuter train during rush hour. Having the blissful open road ahead of you. Many commuters are saying no to the traditional ways of traveling to work.

Welcoming in a new era of electric vehicles! One form of transport which is becoming popular is the use of electric scooters. E-scooters can be used in many cities and are powered to make scooting around much easier. Micromobility apps have become a lot more widespread. Many major cities are jumping on the scooter trend. You might also choose to purchase your own scooter as they are easy to use and store.

So, with all these new options will commuting to work be easier using an E-scooter? Yes, it will, but their somethings you need to consider before making that big leap.

Advantages Of Using A Scooter For Work

Scooters are easy to recharge at the end of the workday. Unlike a car, which requires you to fill it up with petrol regularly, for a bit higher cost. So long as you remember to charge up your scooter at the end of the day. It will be a much more cost-effective method for transporting yourself.

Many scooters can go as fast as 20mph. The speed is a lot faster than walking and can sometimes be faster than a car. Imagine being stuck in traffic and watching someone zoom past you on an e-scooter. It’s humbling experience.

They are much smaller and compact, with many being able to be folded and stored easily in your office. Compare this to a bike. It’s a bit faster, especially if you choose to get a hybrid electric bike. But can be very cumbersome when looking for somewhere to store it when you finally get to work.

Scooters are a fairly leisurely and enjoyable way to get to work. Your enjoying nature and fresh air, instead of being stuck on a stuffy train. Additionally, you may not even have to buy one of these scooters for yourself. Many cities have their own scooter programs and they can be very cost-effective.

Take lime scooter, for example, you can download a simple app. Pick up a scooter from many locations across the city and be on your way. They are available in many big cities across North America and Europe. Additionally, scooters are just a lot quieter and peaceful to use. In the society of loud cars and trains, it is a breath of fresh air to use a scooter that has a lower acoustic impact.

Disadvantages Of Using A Scooter For Work

Disadvantages Of Using A Scooter For Work

The daily commute adds ware and tear which can slowly break down e-scooters. Some e-scooters are not sustainable. There made cheaply from off named brands. Unfortunately, these types of electric scooters just don’t last long enough. Often needed to be replaced with new scooters. Containing better material and lithium-ion batteries.

Speaking of these batteries, if you forget to charge it up overnight then you are pretty much screwed for the day. It takes just a few minutes to fill up a car or motorcycle with petrol but can take many hours to charge up a scooter. Of course, you could always just… scoot… without the electric part, but it won’t be nearly as effective. In some countries, such as Singapore. E-scooters are not easy to use as they require a lengthy registration and permit process.

Additionally, the law on using electric scooters on the pavement is unclear. In most countries, there is a restriction on the speed of vehicles allowed on the pavement. For example, bikes are not normally allowed on pavement. Since e-scooters travel at similar speeds it’s safe to assume they will not be allowed either.

It is unclear at the moment, but if you cause a nuisance then it will be up to the discretion of the judge. As no case of the use of an electric scooter has been brought before the court.

Another disadvantage is how your electric scooter will react to different terrain. It is hard to predict what the surface of your journey is going to be like. E-scooters will feel every little bump that you go across. You will need to be careful that the bumps don’t knock you off your Scooter.

The scooter being lightweight seems like an all-around bonus. This to can be a disadvantage. Riding at high speeds through gravel or lumpy roads can cause e-scooters to be wobbly. Be careful that it doesn’t cause you to fall.

If the weather is bad, then you have absolutely no protection from the elements. Your out in the open and you will not even have the hands free to hold an umbrella! A raincoat might do the trick, but on a very windy day, it may be difficult to stay stable and balanced.

Are E-Scooters Allowed On Most Forms Of Public Transit?

In most cases due to their small size, scooters will be allowed on public transit. Be aware of size restrictions for different bus companies. Depending on how busy the bus is. It may be at the discretion of the driver. Keep the scooter folded up and switched off while on the bus. Ensure that wheels are not able to stain other people’s clothing.

In many cases, you cannot simply unfold your scooter and ride straight off the bus. In many bus stations, you will need to wait until you exit the station entirely. You can take some electric scooters on planes, but they will have to meet very strict rules.

First of all, they must fit within the carry-on size restrictions which have been set out by the airline. Secondly, they will not be allowed on board if they have a battery size of more than 160Wh. Electric scooters will not be allowed in the hold of the plane as they contain a lithium-ion battery. which can be dangerous in the hold environment.

Is It Tiring Getting From One Place To The Next?

Is It Tiring Getting From One Place To The Next?

In theory, a scooter should not be tiring to use as you just hop on and let the motor do all the work for you. This is a lot better than bikes where you will have to manually pedal, even with the assistance of an electric motor. The only real problem is that the scooters may struggle on hills and you may need to put in the effort yourself.

The biggest problem you may have is when you are scooting around pedestrians in a busy city. It’s less seamless to ride through and with more bumps and turns, the more tiring it will be for you. It is not recommended that you use the scooter across long distances. Only use it for short commutes, not more than half an hour long. Just imagine running on a treadmill for that long without a break. Although you have the electric motor to give you a break, it doesn’t do all of the work.

Would I Look Silly Riding One?

Many adults do feel a little bit embarrassed to use a scooter as a means to travel as it is often seen as a children’s toy. But, as more people adopt the electric scooter craze, the more normalized it will get.

Let’s face it, you may get a few looks on the street, as you look a little ridiculous. But who cares? It is so fun to scoot down the street with little effort and get where you need to go. You may turn a few heads and have a few coworkers to convince, but you might even change their minds.

Is It Actually Worth It?

Is It Actually Worth It?

It all depends on what you want out of your commuting experience. It may take longer in some cases to get a scooter than get the bus to work. But you will avoid the busy buses and human sardines that they make. It is faster than walking if you are not too far from your work so that is a big advantage. You will need to decide if you would like to purchase an e-scooter for yourself or if you’ll use an app service like Lime.

It is recommended that you take advantage of one of the app’s trial periods, so you can give it a go and see if it is for you. First time riders will feel unpracticed and unsteady in the beginning. As time progresses it will likely become easier and you’ll be more confident.

Yes, you may feel very silly at first. But as long as you are able to get over that personal fear of ridicule. Then you may find commuting to work on an electric scooter to be very enjoyable.

As for the financial benefit of a scooter, it is much much cheaper than a car. Cost effectiveness depends on how far away your commute is. If you’re not traveling too far, they make an excellent replacement. On the other-hand you’ll be exhausted if you go on a really long journey with them.

Overall, e-scooters will be good for your fitness and mental clarity. So, get out into the open air and just enjoy the scooter experience. Many people do recommend using scooters for their convenience and fun.