Are Electric Scooters Allowed On Trains?

Are electric scooters allowed on trains

Electric scooters are an increasingly popular way to travel through town, especially for commuters who do not have their own cars or trucks. Electric scooters are also ideal for people who do not have to travel far, prefer using a scooter as their method of transportation, or have physical disabilities.

However, there may be situations when someone who uses an electric scooter as their primary means of transportation may need to travel outside of their immediate area. Public transportation services offer assistance when these situations occur.

Many cities and towns offer public transportation such as taxis, buses, and train services. A train service, such as an electric railway or subway system, maybe the most effective way to travel across a large metropolitan area. For example, if a person needs to travel to a place of employment, visit a doctor, or go to an airport.

However, a person who uses this service will most likely need to travel to a station to board the train and then travel to their destination once they reach the station located within its closest proximity. Yet, one question comes into play for a person who will use an electric scooter to travel to and from the train station. Are electric scooters allowed on trains?

Many transit systems do allow electric scooters on their trains as long as they do not interfere with the safety or personal space of other passengers. Metra, a commuter railroad system located in Chicago, IL., states, foldable electric scooters are always allowed on their trains. Metra says that its diesel railcars can hold up to five scooters and its electric cars can hold two scooters. As long as the electric scooter does not exceed 70 inches, it can be permitted on the Metrarail trains.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit says on their website, that bikes and scooters must not interfere with passengers who use wheelchairs and strollers, since larger scooters will need to share space provided for people who use these devices.

Many people who use wheelchairs on commuter trains also use electric-powered wheelchairs. These electric chairs, known as mobility devices, are similar to those found in grocery stores to accommodate customers with physical disabilities.

Is Bringing An Electric Scooter On To A Train Practical

Bringing an electric scooter onto a train is practical as long as the scooter is of reasonable size, and does not interfere with the comfort or personal space of other passengers. Electric scooters that are foldable are ideal for taking on to commuter trains because they are easily manageable.

Rules To Follow When You Bring An Electric Scooter On A Train

Of course, there are rules to follow in any situation. Bringing an electric scooter on a train is no different. The safety of the person using the scooter as well as the safety of other passengers is critical. Many metropolitan transit systems also have dedicated police departments. Dallas Area Rapid Transit system is a perfect example of this.

Frequent riders may see DART police officers walking up and down the aisles of the train cars routinely checking passengers’ tickets to ensure that they’ve paid their fair. These are actual law enforcement officers who enforce the rules in place for passengers and the items they bring onto the train.

Therefore, any passengers bringing electric scooters onto the train are required to abide by any rules that are in place to avoid penalties, being asked to leave, or possibly being arrested.

Best Electric Scooter To Bring On A Train

Small, foldable scooters seem to be the best type of scooters to bring on to trains. These scooters can be found through a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Their prices range from the low hundreds to the mid thousands in U.S. Dollars.

There are many scooters on the market, yet some notable scooters are the Glion Dolly, Ninebot’s ES2 KickScooter, Gotrax’s GXL, and Mercane’s Widewheel. Hoverboards are also good options because they can easily be positioned so that they’re not in the way of other passengers. More information about the scooters mentioned in this paragraph can be found via the hyperlinks. Below is a picture of the Ninebot’s ES2 KickScooter.

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How to Carry Your Electric Scooter On The Train

Many public transit systems have trains that are designed to provide accommodation for riders who use mobility devices. These trains have platforms that are level with the ground so that riders using mobility devices can board the trains by simply rolling through one of these specifically designed platforms.

Riders using mobility devices always receive priority, yet riders using foldable electric scooters may find these types of accommodations to be favorable as well. By folding the scooter prior to boarding the train a person can simply push their scooter onto the train. If the train car has a designated area for scooters, the rider can secure their scooter in the designated area while onboard the train.

Are Electric Scooters Allowed On Other Types Of Public Transits

Are Electric Scooters Allowed On Other Types Of Public Transits

Many times people, including electric mobility device users, use para-transit buses to travel to and from train stations during their daily commute. Therefore, electric scooters are also allowed to be brought on to para-transit buses.

As mentioned previously, the scooter must be of reasonable size and must not interfere with the safety or personal space of other passengers. Since many electric scooters are foldable, getting on a bus with one would not be very difficult. However, getting an electric scooter into a taxi cab may be more difficult.

Foldable scooters generally weigh between 35-45 lbs. Using the trunk or cargo area is an option when using a taxi service, as long as it’s permitted by the service provider. The passenger may just be required to lift the scooter before and after their ride.

Should You Bring An Electric Scooter On A Train During Peak Hours

Should You Bring An Electric Scooter On A Train During Peak Hours

While foldable electric scooters can be allowed during peak hours in many locations, it’s best to check with a specific city’s public transit authority to make sure there are no restrictions for bringing electric scooters on trains during peak hours.

MTA recommends that riders avoid boarding New York City Subway trains with bicycles and electric scooters during peak hours, as stated on the MTA website. They recommend avoiding bringing scooters onto trains during peak hours because there are more people riding which creates a much more crowded space to move within the trains.

Meta, Chicago’s commuter rail system, states that they don’t guarantee that scooters can be accommodated on initial or return trips. This includes rides at any time throughout the day, and especially during peak hours. Crews and law enforcement officers have the right to refuse scooters if the train is overcrowded, or to meet the needs of customers with disabilities.

Sometimes there are special events, like parades and festivals, being hosted in a particular area that draw large crowds. It’s more likely that scooters cannot be accommodated during these times. Many transit systems have these events marked on their calendars, which can be found on their websites and in printed brochures that can be found in their service vehicles and stations located throughout the particular region.

Are Electric Scooters Allowed On Trains? 3


Whether commuting to or from a place of employment or just for fun, electric scooters are a very fun and effective way to travel. Electric scooters are increasing in popularity, and are a great way to protect the environment and save money on travel expenses.

What’s even better is the fact that many electric scooters are designed with commuters in mind. This means that electric scooter manufacturers are producing scooters with folding capabilities to make them more portable.

This portability allows scooters to be taken onto trains and provides a great benefit for scooter users who utilize train services. Scooters can be allowed on trains as long as all rules are observed and followed. Ensuring a safe environment for all passengers is extremely important. By allowing electric scooters to be brought on board, trains provide a wonderful service for electric scooter users who utilize their services.

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