20 E-bike Riding Tips You Don’t Know, Yet!


There is a reason why electric bikes have spiked in popularity over the last few years. The ease of just jumping on one and pedaling to top speeds is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

E-bikes are capable of tackling any trail or terrain you can throw at it. But before you start to ride into the sunset with your electric bike. There are some tips we believe can help make that ride much smoother. In this post we explore 10 e-bike riding tips you don’t know, yet!

1. Get The Right Type Of E-bike

Buy the right type e-bike that suits your activity and your budget. It makes huge difference in the long term. There are few different types of e-bikes out on the market. Electric mountain bikes, beach cursors, and foldable bikes just to name a few each has their own benefits.

An example would be mountain e-bikes, typically has a mid-drive, made to eat up steep hilly mountainous terrain.

You’ll experience amazing torque but on the other hand an electric beach cursor is lot more easy going. 

Often sporting a rear hub drive motor, crafted to grip and maneuver steadily through the road. Understanding the type of e-bike you have caters into its overall performance.

You’ll be able to navigate various terrain without compromising or damaging your e-bike.

2. Charge Up Your Battery For Every Ride

In order to take advantage of certain features like pedal assist or the throttle it’s important to have a fully charged battery. Topping off your battery before ride is good idea.

Not only is it best practice but who wants a dead battery while there cycling uphill or when there dead tired.

If your worried about overcharging your battery. We have a good post here that will help demystify some of the common e-bike battery questions your having.

Prepare The Right Gear

3. Prepare The Right Gear

Having decent standard e-bike kit is important. A kit containing essentials like a helmet, lamps, raincoat, locks, pumps makes for a smooth ride. Cyclist normally start off with a helmet and their e-bike.

As time progress riders build up on those bare minimums. This becomes very important as different situations require gear to help acclimate.

4. Proper Footwear Makes The Cyclist

It’s normal to bike riders wearing footwear like sandals or sneakers. Wearing these types of footwear, you will not be able to have a good connection with your pedals. 

Road bike shoes have stiffer soles, forging a better connection with pedals. Which means it will have better power delivery.

Typically, road bike shoes are strapped or quick laced. You don’t have to worry about shoes laces being caught up in the chain.

5. Get Comfortable With Your Dashboard Setup

The cockpit or the dashboard area of the electric bike houses important components. Housing the breaks, gear levers, power modes and the LCD display.

All these different components hosted in this area greatly influences the way cyclist move. 

Finely tuning and getting the right setup just contributes to a smoother ride. No funny angles, nothing out of reach or out of place. You want a setup that is comfortable, allowing for maximum performance.

Before you hit the road take a look at weather forecast. In doing so, you know the best time to leave your home to avoid inclement weather. You can be prepared ahead of time with rain coat or boots.

The obvious items like a bike locks and pump is necessary for every ride. But what about non traditional items?

Having a list on your phone or written on paper ensures that you slowly check off what you’ll need for a bike ride.

6. Tire Pressure Plays Huge Role In A Smooth Ride

There isn’t a correct tire pressure to have on an electric bike. We all ride and weight different; not to mention cycle through different terrain. This greatly impacts how your bike will perform.

So, checking your tire pressure before you ride is best practice. Printed on the side of bicycle tires is the maximum pressure.

It’s recommended that you keep your tire pressure around there. If you’re having a hard time finding those numbers good range is between 25 to 30 PSI.

It maximizes your e-bike range, helps with acceleration and gives a better grip on the road.

7. Know The Best Power Mode To Maximize Your E-Bike Range

Manufactures design e-bikes and motors behave differently. What typically stays the same are power E-bike modes. Power modes range from low level pedal assist to high assist.

The use of a low power mode means your electric bike will have a longer range. A good place start is at that low-level power assist. 

As you continue to ride fluctuate between different power modes. Based on the conditions your electric bike is riding through you can adapt the right power mode.

That LCD Display Isn't There For To Look Pretty

8. That LCD Display Isn’t There For To Look Pretty

The LCD control panel on your handlebar houses important information for an electric bike. Learning how to use control panel. You can efficiently monitor your battery, power mode and range.

Keeping an eye on these settings positively influences the riding experience. It’s not just for aesthetics. Explore the different functions, and understand the information displayed.

9. Don’t Look Wary, Be Confident

Ride with confidence because others will perceive you as non-threatening rider. This especially true when you’re riding in high traffic areas. Swaying around on pedal assist from inside to outside of the bike lane isn’t a good idea.

It’s easy for a bike to stray a small distance to make drivers over correct themselves.

So, when you ride with a purpose its benefits others around you and in generally will keep you safe. Ride with confidence, know your space, speed, route, and skills.

10. Use GPS To Plan Your Route

Everyone hates road closures or traffic jams. There annoyances that will slow you down and make for unenjoyable ride. A good way to avoid these potential pit falls is by planning ahead.

It’s important if live in a city or near busy area. You can use apps like Waze, Google Maps, or Komoot to prioritize certain routes.

Resulting in paths that will lead least amount of resistance. Not only will it prove to be a safer commute, but it will also shorten your daily commute.

11. Going Uphill, Seat Down First

Riding up steep hills with a conventional bike is the worse. Standing on the bike pedals as you crank, rocking your body back and forth until you get to the top.

Most of the times cyclist give up and get off the bike walking it up. Electric bikes take away this pain with pedal assist.

A good tip to follow when you’re riding up step hills with an electric bike is to seat down and pedal. When you’re seated you get more traction from the rear wheel.

Maintain Nice Circular Motions When Pedaling

12. Maintain Nice Circular Motions When Pedaling

Pedaling in an efficient manner not only helps you conserve your own energy. It saves the e-bike battery from draining quickly. Allowing the battery to last longer during rides.

Pedal in a nice circular motion, rather than stomping up and down. Over time bad pedaling technique will have some wear and tear on the battery’s performances.

13. Test Your Breaks

E-bike riders are constantly accelerating and braking. This acceleration is quicker than a conventional bike. This plays a role into a electric bikes breaking or stopping distance.

It’s the distance an electric bike covers from the time of the full application of its brakes until it has stopped moving. 

They are other components to consider. Example, how long it may take a rider to react before squeezing the breaks.

Either way it’s important to have good breaks. Bad breaks can mean the difference between a collision or close call. In order to avoid potential dangers proficiently, test out your breaks. 

Get on an empty lane, ride as fast you can with assist or throttle and slowly squeeze the breaks. Do that a few times to get a feel for your breaking distance.

It’s very nice test, allowing you to find out your e-bikes stopping capabilities. Overtime you’ll figure out the bite point for the breaks. How well the tire grips the road, properly slowing down your e-bike.

Be Cautious Always

14. Be Cautious Always

Expect the unexpected from traffic, weather, punctures, and accident. Just like traditional bikes, e-bikes come with their own issues. Puncture tires or popped chains are par for the course.

Expect this to happen at any moment and moving at top speeds the impact felt is greater.

E-bikes typically move at speeds ranging from 20 mph. So, being able to make split decisions in seconds is important.

Also, bad weather conditions create a dangerous environment for everyone involved. They also contribute to traffic jams and drivers taking risk on the road.

You can’t predict what everyone on the road will do, so caution is the only thing to take. We another post that expands more on the topic and it’s supported by other tips. Read More Here

15. Understand The Power Of An Electric Bike Throttle

Throttle’s are great, it’s added boost speed without the use of pedaling. Not every bike comes with a throttle. If your e-bikes does make sure you pay attention the throttle’s placement. Is it flip switch, half grip or full handle twist? 

Depending the type at a dead stop you rotate the throttle by accident and the e-bike takes off by surprise. In some cases, the throttle can be triggered getting on or off the bike.

Electric bikes do come with motor inhibitors that prevents this from occurring. A good tip is to hold onto the break as you’re getting on or off a e-bike.

16. Comfort And Seating Are Paramount!

I have yet to find someone how likes a hard or uncomfortable seat. Long term it just isn’t feasible and not every electric bike will have one but if does why suffer?

It honestly can crush the enjoyment of the entire ride. Without going into too much detail. There a lot of alternatives out there or cushion add-on that can help hinder the pressure of a hard seat.

Seat height is also another key area to watch out for. A seat height that is adjusted to low makes for inefficient pedaling.

Typically, it’s provoking your legs to pedal in bent motion. Rather than a full leg extension as you would you see if the seats position was higher.

A heighten seat position gives riders more leverage. Maximizing leg power, cranking the pedal is easier.

17. Respect Others On The Road

Just because you use e-bike, doesn’t mean everybody will automatically yield to you. Respect anyone else, from trucks, buses, cars, even squirrels. Staying off paved ways.

Don’t upset pedestrians or other road users is good etiquette. It also prevents potential hazards from popping up at nowhere.

18. Our The Lights On

Have lights powered on if riding at night or in reduced visibility. It illuminates the trail you’re cycling through.

It’s also good for safety reason. The flickering of lights and the movement the human body.

Will works effectively in alerting everyone around you. In cases where your moving too fast during the day or night, and you can’t be seen.

Learn To Read The Road Surface

19. Learn To Read The Road Surface

Different terrains bring forth their own challenges. If you find yourself tackling steep hills or tough mountain trails being able to adjust is key.

Floating above your seat, knees partial bent will serve you well against bumpy trails. In other cases, leaning back, with hands on the break leaver is better strategy for going downhill.

In most cases riders can see the road ahead. Dirt, gravel or urban road surface require different riding styles.

Gravel road: Stay loose and relaxed. Look for the smoothest part to navigate through. A bit of foresight will serve you well, keep your hands firmly on the handlebars. Staying lose will help you absorb the vibrations.

Dirt road: When riding on dirt roads it’s important to pick good lines and avoiding hazards. Take corners wider and make sure to have hands hovering over the break.

Urban road surfaces: These surfaces are your normal asphalt, or concrete roads. More comfortable to ride, requiring lower energy output.

Slick roads or wet roads: Slick roads are unpredictable. Be vigilant and regulate your speed. Hands will be on the brakes as your making any quick movements. E-bikes are faster than traditional bikes. Any abrupt movements or changes of speed will be more impactful on wet surfaces.

There is great source Here that real touches a bit more on the subject.

Electric Bike Rides

20. Patience Is Key

Sharing the road with your fellow motorist isn’t easy. There are so many distractions and bad drivers to contend with. It takes a lot patience to ride an electric bike on the road.

Keeping a calm head at all times is an understatement. 

Ask yourself this, how many YouTube videos have seen where cyclist and motorist are up to their necks looking to fight? Most situations could be elevated by just walking away.

Smile when somebody screws up on the road. Road rage doesn’t get you anywhere it will only kill your joy.

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