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Cadence Pedal Assist or Torque Sensor

Cadence Pedal Assist or Torque Sensor, What’s the big difference?

Cadence sensor or torque sensor? Which should you get and does it even matter? Truth be told it does in some cases and doesn’t in …

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Big tire electric bike

Battle Any Terrain! Top 10 Big Tire Electric Bike

Chances are your considering a fat tire electric bike if your looking through this list. If not, maybe you should. We all know the benefits …

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Retro electric bikes

Top 7 Uncommon Retro Electric Bikes – True Vintage Style Head Turners

If you want a bike that marries classic design with modern technology, retro electric bikes are what you should be eyeing. Despite looking like remnants …

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“Scooting” Under The Influence: Can Electric Scooter Rider Get A DUI

Electric scooters are becoming popular globally. They are easy to use means of transport. Moreover, due to their electric nature, they are environmentally friendly as …

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Electric Scooter Needs Repair? Top Places To Get It Fixed

Do you often ride an electric scooter? If yes, you would know that electric scooters can undergo wear and tear and perhaps need repairs as …

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Xiaomi M365 vs Segway ES4

Electric Scooter Lime & Bird Use, Xiaomi M365 vs Segway ES4 – Who Wins?

Electric scooters have, with time, been smiled upon thanks to their ability to transform a long walk into a bearable short distance. Although some complain …

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Electric skateboards vs. Steep Hill

Electric skateboards vs. Steep Hill, Who wins? The Age-old Debate

Once in a while, riders will encounter steep and challenging terrain. In such cases, who wins? Is it possible your electric skateboard will handle the …

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Electric skateboard pros and cons

Electric Skateboard Pros And Cons – Surprising Things You Didn’t Know!

Do you want to buy an electric skateboard? Still in two minds regarding it? If yes, we will share with you the Electric skateboard pros …

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Is electric Skateboard worth it

Is A $700 Electric Skateboard Really Worth It?

There has been a lot of buzz around electric skateboards. More and more people prefer them today. Why? These carriers let you move from one …

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